Belly Dancing

How about some belly dancing to liven it up? Here’s a really fun video clip of  the amazingly talented singer/songwriter/dancer Abbi Spinner McBride and two other wonderful belly dancers. Abbi is the one in the middle at the beginning, wearing the red bracelets. The performance was filmed at the Wonderground nightclub in Las Vegas, NV in February 2012. I have been privileged to correspond with Abbi McBride on and off throughout the years, and I can say that she is a kind, spiritual soul who expresses her spirituality in her music and dancing. Be sure to check out Abbi’s website here. You can buy Abbi’s two CDs of spiritual chants — “Enter the Center” and “Fire of Creation” — here.

And now — as Kaeshi from the New York dance troupe Bellyqueen always says — “Peace and shimmies!”

About At Random

I am (Ms.) Jay White Feather, a lifelong New York City resident, born and raised on the mean streets of Manhattan back in the day. I am of Native American heritage -- a native New Yorker who grew up back when it meant something to be a New Yorker. And to me, it still does mean something.
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