News: Tom DeLay, Elizabeth Warren, Campaign Ads

Here’s some interesting news from the past few weeks:

TOM DeLAY: “The much-delayed Tom DeLay case is delayed again.

The 3rd Court of Appeals cancelled next week’s oral arguments on DeLay’s money-laundering conviction after his lawyer, Brian Wice, asked Justice Diane Henson to recuse herself.” — Austin Statesman 5/18/12

“The state’s Third Court of Appeals, a six-judge outfit made up of four Republicans and two Democrats, will hear his case soon (a hearing set for Wednesday was canceled). Mr. DeLay wants one of those Democrats — Judge Diane Henson of Austin — off the panel.” — New York Times 5/19/12

ELIZABETH WARREN: Warren, now running as a Democrat to unseat incumbent Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, has been embroiled in the controversy since reports surfaced that she described herself as a minority in a law school directory and was touted as a Native American faculty member while tenured at Harvard Law School in the mid-1990s. Warren has described herself as having Cherokee and Delaware Indian ancestry. Brown’s campaign has seized on the story to raise questions about whether Warren misled Harvard or sought to use distant Native American ties for professional gain … ” — The Atlantic 5/20/12

ELIZABETH WARREN (CONT’D.): “US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has said she was unaware that Harvard Law School had been promoting her purported Native American heritage until she read about it in a newspaper several weeks ago.” — Boston Globe 5/25/12

“Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign in Massachusetts had hoped the controversy over her ancestry would die down after a poll this week indicated that voters thought it was insignificant.

But on Friday the controversy came roaring back, starting with an article in The Boston Globe containing new allegations that she may have misrepresented her background in filings to the federal government.” — New York Times 5/25/12

PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN ADS:The Romney and Obama campaigns are spending heavily on television ads and other traditional tools to convey their messages. But strategists say the most important breakthrough this year is the campaigns’ use of online data to raise money, share information and persuade supporters to vote. The practice, known as “microtargeting,” has been a staple of product marketing. Now it’s facing the greatest test of its political impact in the race for the White House.” — Associated Press 5/28/12

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I am (Ms.) Jay White Feather, a lifelong New York City resident, born and raised on the mean streets of Manhattan back in the day. I am of Native American heritage -- a native New Yorker who grew up back when it meant something to be a New Yorker. And to me, it still does mean something.
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