News: Digital Politics, the Unemployed, Violent Rhetoric, Food Stamps

Here’s some interesting news from the past few weeks:

DIGITAL POLITICS:The depth and breadth of the Obama campaign’s 2012 digital operation — from data mining to online organizing — reaches so far beyond anything politics has ever seen, experts maintain, that it could impact the outcome of a close presidential election. It makes the president’s much-heralded 2008 social media juggernaut — which raised half billion dollars and revolutionized politics — look like cavemen with stone tablets.” — POLITICO 6/9/12 

UNEMPLOYED OLDER WORKERS:Even as most Americans are delaying retirement to bolster their savings accounts, the recession and its protracted aftermath have forced many older people who are out of work to draw Social Security much earlier than they had planned.” — New York Times 6/9/12

VIOLENT CAMPAIGN RHETORIC: In the immediate aftermath of the shooting that nearly killed former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Giffords’s 2010 opponent Jesse Kelly, and Sarah Palin — both of whom used gun imagery in the campaign to defeat Giffords — drew the wrath of a grieving nation.

Kelly is now vying to replace Giffords, and he and Democrat Ron Barber have made an effort to keep things civil this time around.

But elsewhere, guns and violent rhetoric are starting to trickle back into campaigns around the country.” — Talking Points Memo 6/12/12

FOOD STAMP CUTS:The Senate on Wednesday defeated a Republican-offered measure to drastically cut food stamps.

The amendment to the farm bill, offered by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), was shot down 65-33 in the Democratic-led chamber. It would have slashed $322 billion by placing a cap on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program spending and handing control to states …

“Paul evoked a handful of instances of misuse to make his case for the measure, although his amendment would go much further than targeting abusers.” — Talking Points Memo 6/14/12

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I am (Ms.) Jay White Feather, a lifelong New York City resident, born and raised on the mean streets of Manhattan back in the day. I am of Native American heritage -- a native New Yorker who grew up back when it meant something to be a New Yorker. And to me, it still does mean something.
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