News: Twitter Political Index, DNC Platform, Tom DeLay

TWITTER LAUNCHES POLITICAL INDEX:The ‘Twitter Political Index,’ launched Wednesday by Twitter, tracks enthusiasm levels for President Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney based on an average of 2 million tweets a week that mention the candidates.” — USA Today 8/1/12

“We’ve seen it dozens of times before. The famous scene of a political candidate in a large room, balloons floating and banners strewn about, surrounded by supporters and family, anxiously watching the television as the election results come in.

“This year’s election might look a little different. The TV may be blaring results, but the presidential candidates’ staffs may also be following the Twitter Political Index, a new feature that monitors political sentiment on Twitter.” — New York Times 8/1/12

“One glance at the numbers, and it’s easy to see why pundits are already calling 2012 “the Twitter election.” More Tweets are sent every two days today than had ever been sent prior to Election Day 2008 — and Election Day 2008’s Tweet volume represents only about six minutes of Tweets today.”

“Today, we’re launching the Twitter Political Index, a daily measurement of Twitter users’ feelings towards the candidates as expressed in nearly two million Tweets each week.” — Twitter Blog 8/1/12

MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN THE DNC PLATFORM: Democrats over the weekend put themselves on track to endorse a pro-gay marriage plank for their convention platform … 

“Six states have legalized gay marriage and three more have legalization measures on the ballot for the fall, but the gradual increase in acceptance of the issue hasn’t done anything to mitigate its political touchiness this election year.” — POLITICO 7/30/12

TOM DELAY SUCCEEDS IN REMOVING JUDGE: “Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has won a tactical victory with the removal of Justice Diane Henson, a Democrat, from his appeal.

“A motion to remove Henson was granted late Friday without comment and posted on the 3rd Court of Appeals’ website. The action might put the much-delayed appellate case back on track.” — Austin Statesman 8/4/12

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