News: Post-Election Roundup

CITIZENS UNITED HAPPY WITH MONEY SPENT BY SUPER-PACS: Last month, James Bopp, the legal mind behind the Citizens United case that gave rise to super-PACs and the dark-money boom, told me he didn’t really believe Americans were all that upset with the increasing amounts of money spent on politics. “There’s a general cynicism among the American people about politicians and politics,” he said, but “they could care less about campaign finance.”

The $6 billion in total spending in 2012 dwarfs that of any recent election, but Bopp simply attributes that to an increasingly bloated system that requires increasing amounts of money to compete against incumbents.” — Mother Jones 11/12/12

REPUBLICANS WIN BIG IN THE DEEP SOUTH: Elsewhere Republicans may be wailing and gnashing teeth, but in the mid- and Deep South states, they had yet another cycle of unchecked domination.”

“In most Southern states, the margins of victory for Mitt Romney were even larger than the lopsided margins for John McCain four years ago.”

“Southern Republican politicians continue to cruise smoothly to victory on the votes of white, socially conservative evangelicals.” — New York Times 11/11/12

DEMOCRATS PUSH FOR EARLY VOTING: Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) said Thursday that he would soon propose legislation that would require early voting in all states, a change he said would help reduce the long lines many reported on Election Day this year.”

“His bill would also require all states to ensure there are enough poll workers and voting machines in place to make sure no one waits more than one hour to vote.” — The Hill 11/15/12

REPUBLICANS CONTINUE ATTEMPT TO BLOCK HEALTH CARE: “Having failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act at the national level, Republicans are now dedicating their efforts to botching its implementation at the state level. And having failed to invalidate the law at the Supreme Court, they’re now seeking alternate legal avenues to weaken its regulations.”

“Republican governors are turning down the law’s Medicaid expansion, a move made easier by the Supreme Court decision that made the expansion optional … Given that the federal government pays the vast majority of the cost in the medium term, these states are, in effect, rejecting an extraordinarily generous financial incentive to insure their residents.” — Talking Points Memo 11/21/12

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