Wendy Davis Lights A Fire Under Democrats


I Stand With WendyTexas State Sen. Wendy Davis has lit a fire under Democrats everywhere, becoming an overnight sensation and a genuine political superstar after her spectacular 13-hr filibuster in front of the Texas State Legislature in June, which I wrote about here. Since that historic day, Wendy has raked in all kinds of money — including nearly $1 million in just the last two weeks of June alone. Wendy recently appeared at fundraisers in Washington, DC and was warmly received by national Democrats who urged her to run for Governor. As of right now, we have heard that Wendy has spoken with the Democratic Governor’s Association about a possible run. Texas bloggers and other media are also reporting that Wendy will in fact run for governor, although officially she has said she will reserve her decision for another couple of weeks.

This is all very exciting, and I’ll be keeping an eye on Wendy Davis inWe Want Wendy the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, here are a few highlights from some of the Wendymania of the past two months:

On July 25th, Wendy participated in her first ever Twitter Town Hall, using the Twitter account of the Lone Star Project. I am very proud to say that I became a footnote in that historic event when Wendy chose to reply to one of my tweets! I asked her for her definition of leadership. Here is her retweet along with my original question:

And here is her reply: “Be willing to risk,stand for what you believe in, work toward common ground. -WD”

You can read the complete recap of the Twitter Town Hall with Wendy Davis here.

Wendy also participated in a conversation with the Lone Star Project. Topics included Wendy’s views on education, equal pay for equal work, and the future of Texas. Listen to audio of the entire Q&A here.

Wendy Davis National Press Club DC 8-5-13

Lastly, on Aug. 5th, Wendy addressed the National Press Club in Washington, DC. She once again covered a wide range of topics, the most memorable of which were stories about her childhood in Texas, and the importance of having a voice in her own life and for those she represents.

I’ll have a lot more to say about Sen. Wendy Davis. She is smart, tough, dedicated, and she’s got some stuff! Watch her speech on YouTube and Stand With Wendy!

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