News: Unemployment, NYC Mayor


Unemployed worker with signFor some, joblessness is not a temporary problem: “MOST Americans who lose their jobs these days are able to find new ones quickly. But those who do not are likely to remain unemployed for a long time.”

“More than a quarter of the unemployed workers in the United States say they have been out of work for at least a year, and that does not count those who have given up looking, since they are no longer counted as unemployed. That is down from nearly a third at the peak of the recession, but far higher than it had ever been before the recession that began in 2007.”New York Times 10/25/13

Everything you think you know about panhandlers is Homeless Veteranwrong: “A new survey of panhandlers in downtown San Francisco dispels a number of myths that society propagates about homeless people.”

“Conventional wisdom is that those on the sidewalk asking for a dollar are lazy freeloaders who will use the money for alcohol or drugs. Some even think that beggars are living large off of handouts … “

“In San Francisco’s Union Square, the typical panhandler is a disabled middle-aged single male who is a racial minority and makes less than $25 per day despite panhandling seven days a week for more than five years.”

“Among the survey’s findings: … 26 percent served in the military.”Think Progress 10/30/13



Bill de Blasio Brooklyn Bridge

Bill de Blasio elected Mayor: Bill de Blasio is New York’s next mayor.

“In an overwhelming victory over Republican Joe Lhota, de Blasio became the first Democrat elected mayor in 20 years, after running a campaign devoted to progressive values and promising to tackle what he called the “growing inequality” in the city.

“De Blasio secured 73 percent of the vote compared to Lhota’s 24 percent, based on 99 percent of the vote.”DNAinfo 11/5/13

“The overwhelming support of  New York City voters for Bill de Blasio is the latest sign of the shift towards a new populist left in America. De Blasio owes his unexpected tailwind to campaigning on issues considered by insiders to be too polarizing for winning politics.”

“Despite its Democratic voter majority, New York in recent decades has been the political stronghold of the plutocratic Mayor Michael Bloomberg and, before him, the abrasive law-and-order Mayor Rudolph Giuliani – both Republicans with national, even global, reach. Democrats have lacked a progressive voice on the national stage of American politics often provided by the New York mayor’s office – until now.”AlterNet 11/6/13

Bill de Blasio announces TransitionNYC“Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is wasting little time getting ready to take over City Hall.

Less than 24 hours after easily winning the mayoralty, de Blasio announced the leaders of his transition team on Wednesday.”

“De Blasio said the transition team would help him create an administration that “mirrors the glorious diversity of this city,” while looking for the right personnel to enact the promises he made as a candidate.”

“To prepare for the transition, de Blasio’s campaign launched a website — — as a new Twitter handle, @nyctransition. De Blasio said he hoped New Yorkers would use site and social media to provide their thoughts and ideas, as well as to keep track of the process.”DNAinfo 11/6/13

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I am (Ms.) Jay White Feather, a lifelong New York City resident, born and raised on the mean streets of Manhattan back in the day. I am of Native American heritage -- a native New Yorker who grew up back when it meant something to be a New Yorker. And to me, it still does mean something.
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